Sunday, October 5, 2008


Today was a wonderful day to sit and watch conference. I was watching the afternoon session and was so moved with all the talks that I felt that each one was for me. Conference this year has really been dedicated to the way things are now. I was impressed with the talks about people's trials and making the most of things in spite of all the hardships that may come.

I got a call from my niece tonight, asking me to give a talk at her baptism this coming Saturday. I am scheduled to work that day so I called work tonight to see if they will trade me and found out that they are really short that day and that there is no chance my work will do that. I called a number of people and left messages but haven't received any calls back and so I doubt that I can trade with anyone. I feel it is more important that I go to the baptism then be at work Saturday and maybe will have to call in. I hate to do that but sometimes they leave me with no choice.

I really don't know much about doing a blog. I love to read about everyone else and hope that all is well with everyone.


Melisa said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I had to laugh when Hales (I think it was Hales, I couldn't watch it so I listened via the internet) said how we can be kind be commenting on blogs. What?! I guess it makes sense that blogs are on their radar, but it still cracked me up. I sure love the Apostles.

Raina said...

Good Job Mom on the blog! I thought you would never get to it. I love the pictures!

Brittney said...

I loved conference this year too. Seems like I can relate to all the talks that were made. Beautiful pictures of Sedona! I've only been there a few times, but each time it seems prettier than the last. It's good to see you blogging!